The Power of Worldbuilding

If you're a fan, geek, otaku, what have you there's a good chance you're into SOMETHING that has a well defined world. It could be the World of Warcraft, it could be the Trekverse, Middle-Earth, what have you.  You could have several properties you like.

You may even work on them.  Perhaps you write fiction, make MMO's, etc.  You may be crafting the setting for a multi-part RPG right now, or designing the starships for a futuristic combat game with a detailed timeline.

Worldbuilding is very important to us geeks, and even more important to the fictions and worlds we build.

Ever wonder why?

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Media and Limits

For some time friends of mine were saying I had to see the series "Avatar: The Last Airbender."  I resisted this because A) it seemed like an anime-esque derivative series, and B) I wasn't overly impressed with Nickelodeon's other series.  It seemed like a no-brainer to avoid.

When I finally watched it, I was impressed – an epic adventure, well-done, thought-provoking.  Everyone in my apartment had a ball with it – and it also provoked some interesting discussion.

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