Promoting Professional Geekery #10: Present At A Convention

OK folks, you want to share your professional fan stories with people and inspire them.  So let's ask – why aren't you at a convention spewing wisdom in every direction like a water sprinkler of knowledge? (And if your answer … Continue reading

Promoting Professional Geekery #4: Start The Damn Blog!

Well it's quite a good week to be focusing on one of my favorite subjects – promoting professional geekery, the idea that people can (and in many cases) should turn what they love into a career.  It's "Speak Out With … Continue reading

Promoting Professional Geekery #2: Contribute To A Site

Last time we discussed promoting the idea of professional geekery, I discussed sharing your mistakes, since mistakes are great to learn from, and you might as well share your greatest screw-us to spare people some pain.  Now, though I'm sure … Continue reading

Promoting Professional Geekery #1: Share Your Mistakes

Welcome to my new series – a series on Promoting Professional Geekery. We, as profans, progeeks, and protaku take pride in our dreams – and achievements – to turn our interests into careers.  We build ourselves into our own ideals, … Continue reading