Persona Branding For Progeeks #2 – Finding Your Brand

Last week I discussed just why Personal Branding is important for geeks in their careers – and in some ways more important than usual for information-driven folks like ourselves.  So the question comes down next – how do you do it?

Well, I could point you at "Me 2.0", (which got updated), which you should read.  But I'd also like to share my philosophy on the subject.

So here's a quick-and-dirty guide to personal branding – as a Progeek.

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Promoting Professional Geekery #1: Share Your Mistakes

Welcome to my new series – a series on Promoting Professional Geekery.

We, as profans, progeeks, and protaku take pride in our dreams – and achievements – to turn our interests into careers.  We build ourselves into our own ideals, we realize dreams others aspire to, we turn the daily grind into something far more.

It's time we promote that.

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Geeks: Connection and Division

The weird thing about us progeeks? We are busy redefining how the world works, and were not exactly representative of the population.

Think about us. We play video games, read e-books, use social media, surf the web, indulge in assorted fictional exercises, and so on. We're geek–hip, cutting–edge, wired, and on top of the techno-cultural curve.  We often live in megaregions and cities that are where it's all going down, from inventing new tools to Greentech to running the culture engines.

We are defining the world of the future. People love the stuff we work on, from mobile tech, to games, to movies, to websites. When you think about it, it fills you with geek pride.

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