I Have a Job, They Don’t: Fansourcing

You know those friends and fellow fans that are incredibly talented but don't have work?  Yeah, I thought so.  You wonder what you can do for them when they are so talented, so gifted, yet are looking for work.  It's easy to wonder since they're so good at what they do, you're left wondering what you can do.

What you can do is give these talented people a chance to use their talent for you – and thus give them a chance to earn money, build skills, and gain another reference (that's you here).

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My Long and Twisted Journey, Part Two

(Jason Sacks of Comics Bulletin recently offered to document how his fandom experiences helped him grow for his fellow fans in a series of blog posts.  Thanks for guest posting Jason!)

As you might remember from part one of my little story, I had been a comics fan for many years but lack of time and money pretty much drove me away from my passion. Without sufficient time or money, I had no way of turning my passion into anything close to a career.

But after I had found a good job and reconnected with some old friends, my whole attitude turned around.

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Unemployed? Try Volunteering at a Con

(This is a guest post by Lauren Orsini.  Thanks Lauren!)

When I was unemployed, my worst enemy was time. It was tough to shift from my identity as a constantly multitasking graduate student to suddenly being a part-time minimum wage cashier living with my parents. I suddenly had hours of free time, which you’d think would be a blessing. But a lack of routine just made me lazy and depressed.
I needed to find something to bring structure and purpose back to my life, and fast.

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