It’s Out – Way With Worlds Book 2!

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It’s here!  The second book in the Way With Worlds series – in both Print and Kindle! Go get it now!

To celebrate, here’s what I’m doing this weekend!

So now you’ve got two books on worldbuilding to help you out.  Spread the word!

But there’s more coming!  I’m working on a series of smaller, more focused, more personal worldbuilding books – small, 99-cent ebooks to help you focus on specific subjects in more of a coaching manner.  Those will start coming out this summer, so stay tuned!


Meanwhile, keep writing, keep gaming, and keep creating new worlds!

– Steve

Go Farther: Fiction Needs Irrelevance

When we build a world for our fictions, games, and shows, we construct cultures.  Cultures explain why people do what they do, how they think, why they eat, how they war, how they make peace, and more.  Culture is unavoidable when you make a setting – one could even argue that characters are often expressions of their cultures.

When we build these cultures we're often thinking about important things.  We want to know why characters believe as they do.  We want to explain why characters go where they go and do what they do.  We want to explain why magic is the prerogative of the ruling class, why there's a different language spoken on this distant space station, and so on.  We want to explain what matters – in short, cultures explain the Big Plot.

This is short-sighted.

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