Pizza Generator In Beta!

(This column is posted at,, and Steve’s Tumblr)   It’s there, the Pizza Generator is in Beta! I’d say it’s mostly done – at most I need to add some new ingredients, tweak the probabilities, maybe some formatting. … Continue reading

Pizza Generator Update!

(This column is posted at,, and Steve’s Tumblr) The pizza generator is very close to done.  I’ve got to expand the formulas for meat/veggie combos and maybe tweak the probabilities, then it’s good to go!  Check these out! … Continue reading

Fusion Food Generator – In Beta!

My theme for the next few generators, barring interruption or more likely distraction, is going to be food.  I love to cook, and it’s only natural I apply this to the generators.  Plus it’s kind of interesting to study how we … Continue reading

Way With Worlds: Culture And Civilization

[Way With Worlds appears at Seventh Sanctum at at MuseHack] Thanks to heavy worldbuilding you’ve got your setting, and in that setting you’ve got intelligent life (probably). Now that you’ve got sentient species in your universe,it’s time to work on their Culture and … Continue reading