Go Farther: Media Cons

I hear the term "Media Con" be used more and more lately to refer to those cons that are just, well . . . everything.  You know a con may have started as SF, or fantasy, or anime but after awhile it's about many media in all but name.  Comic cons are certainly evolving into "geek media", and there's cons dedicated to broad media interests, or broad but specific slices (such as pulp fiction, etc.).

So in my roundup of the way cons can go farther, of course I had to speculate on what the more general/media conventions can do for career events.  This includes those cons that were always general media or evolving that way.

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Go Farther: We Need a Remake Site

Remakes are a big trend in the Geekonomy.  From reviving films like "Fright Night" and "Highlander" to remakes of games and tv shows (or slapping an old name on a new game), everything's getting remade.  I eagerly await the revival of "M.A.S.K." and "Zapped."

OK, no I don't.  Well, not "Zapped", but anyway . .

Watching my childhood and teenage years get remade has given me an idea, an idea that I humbly present to you, my audience, as a venture someone(s) should engage in.

We need a site that tracks remakes of media.

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