No Man’s Sky: Procedural Gaming and Procedural Materials

(This column is posted at,, and Steve’s Tumblr) As I wait for No Man’s Sky (if I disappear for a week in June, you know why), I’ve been analyzing the game, what it means, and what it tells … Continue reading

No Man’s Sky: The Need For Procedural History

(This column is posted at,, and Steve’s Tumblr) I’m hyped for No Man’s Sky, the space exploration game that uses math to give us a procedural universe – since it’s all constructed from equations, the game has quintillions … Continue reading

Why ‘No Man’s Sky’ Can And Should Only Be So Deep

(This column is posted at,, and Steve’s Tumblr) I’m looking forward to No Man’s Sky – which is apparent if you see my Twitter, Facebook, blogs, or just talk to me. The procedural space adventure fascinates me as … Continue reading

An Interview With Sean Mann of Napland Games

  Sean Mann and his company, Napland Games (which he runs with his wife, Shannon), create casual games for mobile devices, Windows, and Mac. They’re four games in, self-taught, and working to promote their latest venture, Sudoku In Space. So … Continue reading

Civic Geek Catalog Update 11/23/2014

So here’s your pre-Thanksgiving roundup of good causes and civic geekery to get involved in, from a comic historical guide to the infamous Desert Bus. As always you can find the Civic Geek Catalog at, where it’s sorted by … Continue reading

Geek Catalog Update 11/9/2014

It’s your weekly update of Citizen Geek Resources! First of all the full lists now have in-page links since they’ve gotten huge – you can find them sorted by Geeky Interest or Specific Focus. With Blizzcon ending, I figured this … Continue reading