Yahoo Shuts Down Four Entertainment Sites

I completely missed this news.  Not that it surprises me as, well, it's Yahoo and they've been having their problems lately.  I'm not sure it means anything except likely more unemployed people, and makes me wonder how their talks about acquisitons are going – and Microsoft is a possible suitor.

With so many sites on the web I'm not sure Yahoo's offerings will be missed, though people writing in similar entertainment venues might want to be a bit concerned about A) a bit more competition, and B) they may be seen as unnecessary as well.

Also, if a buyout is coming, yahoo may be streamlining themselves . . .

Steven Savage

Promoting Professional Geekery #9: Build a Site

(I've moved this series to Monday, since it's a way to encourage you for the week to come – and a good lead in before we know the news of the week).

Want to share your legacy and enthusiasm for professional geekery?  Start a web page.

Oh, I'm not talking a blog – though it may be part of it.  I'm talking a page that has and does something for people you want to reach, mentor, encourage, or just kick in the backside until they get their progeek on.

I'm talking a page that is a tool.  A page that does something.  A page that is basically an application or a library or something that lets people get something done.  Say . . .

  • Maybe an archival page filled with useful advice, lessons, diagrams, what have you for a given profession.
  • A blog/archive where people swap and record advice.
  • A useful interactive map of services, locations, clubs, etc.
  • A calculator, destination-finder, or planner of some kind.
  • Snippets of code, useful stuff, etc.
  • A "compiler" that combines several sites (social media, code archives, what have you) in one place for various projects, lessons, etc.
  • A site documenting a continual project – and it's continual educational benefits for progeeks.

Ask yourself what people need – and then build it.  Or team up with someone to build it.  You get the idea.

What do you get from it?

  • You get to create a unique service for people.
  • You get to make that service available.
  • You get to learn a lot from deploying it.
  • It can combine well with other projects – like speaking or writing.
  • It looks good on a  resume.

Making a site is easier than ever, from a repurposed blog to Joomla to template-driven creators.  Teamed up with (or being) a web developer and the sky's the limit.

Set your sights on a site and help share your professionally geeky wisdom and knowledge!

Steven Savage