How Cable Companies are Coping With Cord Cutting

The politics and alliances are interesting.  As a person who cut the cord (more tomorrow), seeing it from the outside is fascinating.

– Steve


Hulu Not Requiring A Cable Subscription – Yet

OK this is a rumor, and it sounds like it’s not happening/not for awhile, but there was talk of Hulu requiring a cable subscription.

This popped up yesterday, and after an initial clarification, it looks like the oft-discussed idea would mean a delay getting content. It also doesn’t sound like it has a lot of support.

I want to call this out if for nothing else so people keep an eye on this possibility. A few thoughts:

  • As a cable-cutter this is not going to get me to use cable, it’s going to piss me off. I don’t see it as a way to rope in hardcore cable cutters.
  • This could get people to stop trying the service or get less interested in it – which may be a way to kill it off.
  • I see attempts to do this could fragment the Hulu backers.
  • Attempts to do this also might lead to competitors to leap in. If you want to be a competitor or work with one, pay attention.
  • Attempts to do this might also lead to all sorts of lovely legal complications and issues. If you’r in geek law, keep an eye out.
  • Any competitors who leap in would already have their own services for streaming . . . say, Netflix or OnLive . . .
  • Note a big idea is to make it so you can only see shows after 30 days if you have no subscription.  That plays to the one and only thing the content companies have – access/immediacy.

I’m still watching this, but I’m not sure we’ll see any motion for awhile.

Steven Savage

How Cable Companies Can Adapt . . . Maybe

So I killed my cable.  Dead.  Gone.  No more.  Hulu, Netflix, and gizmos for me, thanks very much, that’s how I’ll get my video.

So now, based on my experience that cable is unnecessary (and financially unsound) for most households, what can cable companies do to become something more modern and useful?  What does it mean for us?

(This, by the way, assumes said companies will embrace change.  Cable companies have ,at times, followed in the steps of others, but I can’t say they’ve actually been enthused or active dealing with change.  But one can hope.)

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