On Truth, Connection, and Disconnection

(This column is posted at www.StevenSavage.com and Steve’s Tumblr) In an age of propaganda and post-truth politics, we face people believing outlandish falsehoods and obvious propaganda and acting upon it.  How do people become so disconnected from reality?  Disconnection is the appropriate … Continue reading

Way With Worlds: Sex and Worldbuilding – Let’s Get Social

So you’ve got sexually reproducing beings in your setting. You’ve worked on their psychologies, understanding just how sex, really the most primal communication a being has, affects them. Of course when you deal with sex and psychology, it’s all because … Continue reading

Why Originality – and Unoriginality – May Not Matter To Media Success

(Tamara had a great post last week on the paradox of originality versus people seeking original works.  Spinning off from that, I think I've got a bead on why originality is sometimes rewarded in media – and as well why … Continue reading