Job Basics: Tools

Tools Hammer Pliers

Now you want to go find a job, well there’s a few things you need to have to actually do it. These are core tools that are invaluable to the job search – and though they may seem obvious, what they are isn’t always obvious.  These Job Basics are so common we forget their impact or think they’re “not for us.”

These are the tools you need to have for your career – and your job search (which I’ll get to next).

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MuseHack Members Dish On Writing Tools – And It’s A Small Dish

We got this question in the mail!

“Hello Musehack’s authors. I have a question. In your opinion what is the best Writing and mind map software out there? At the moment I’m using Scrivener for my novel and having good results, but more insight is always welcome. Still need a good one for mind mapping tho.”

So a lot of us here at MuseHack write professionally or semi-professionally. I did the rounds of the gang to find what they liked to use and the results . . .

We’re not exactly big on mind mapping tools. A few of us have tried Scrivner, and yWriter is an interesting alternative, but really we don’t use them.  Yeah, when it comes to it, the writer’s in our gang of geeks aren’t into specific writing tools.

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Why We’re Bad At Newtworking #3: The New Skew Review

Last week as I explored why we’re bad at networking, I covered how the basics are actually poorly handled, taught, and communicated. Somehow among all the books and lectures, we manage to get the actual basics of networking made boring, repetitive, and incoherent. In turn, that turns us off to networking and misinforms us.

However there’s a flip side to Basic Buzzword Breakdown that also makes us bad at networking; The Onslaught of The New.

Look I’m a big Neophile in my own way (that means I like new things, not that I love Neo in The Matrix). I love new stuff. I love interesting stuff. However there’s a lot to be said for the basics, for the old school, for known things, and that “lot to be said is “this stuff works and is reliable.”

Unfortunately, as part of the Hammering On Of Networking (which I don’t think I’m a part) we get the latest new thing dragged out and shoved in our faces and shot into our eyeballs. There’s always some Big! New! Networking! Thing!

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