The Web? There’s an App For That

I can't imagine what I'd do without the web.  Research, news, game tips, general amusement, and more are all there online.  Anyone can make a web page and create a new resource.  The web is vital to what I do, to my life, to my job – and I imagine you're the same way.

However we also know the web has problems.  We get bad pages and embed ads, corrupted sites and bad formatting.  How many of us have a few ad blockers, script busters, and other tools to make web-surfing easier?  How many of us sigh as we try and help our less computer-literate friends and relatives navigate the complexities of the modern web?  The web, for all its benefits, is complicated in many ways that frustrate our enjoyment of it.

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Self Publishing: Everything Old Is New Again

In the last year it seems everyone and their brother is into self-publishing.  Sure, it started with cornering the market, but Amazon got in on the game, Harlequin has their venture, and it seems every month or three there's some new endeavor out there.  With so many self-publishing options it seems like a new age of print material, both electronic and physical.

I'm all for self-publishing; indeed, I am self-published.  However I can't say it's exactly new.  We've had self-publishing for years, we've had unrestricted access to eyeballs for any author for well over a decade.

We called it the World Wide Web.

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