Promoting Professional Geekery #23: Start A Pro Section At A Con

The roundup of Promoting Professional Geekery is here. OK you're speaking at a con about careers.  You might be managing an entire track of career events.  So what more can you do to encourage people attending your convention or conventions … Continue reading

Promoting Professional Geekery #11: Career Track

Last week I suggested that, to help promote professional geekiness and the fan-to-pro idea, that you speak at a convention and share your knowledge (or at least horror stories).  OK, so far so good, maybe you're even doing that. So … Continue reading

Promoting Professional Geekery #10: Present At A Convention

OK folks, you want to share your professional fan stories with people and inspire them.  So let's ask – why aren't you at a convention spewing wisdom in every direction like a water sprinkler of knowledge? (And if your answer … Continue reading