Why The Next Anime Adaptions May Not Be Obvious – Or Exist

I’m starting to loose track of the amount of adaptions-of-anime going on in Japan.

Yamato?  Check.

Gatchaman?  Coming up.

Captain Harlock?  Enjoy a badass trailer.

Patlabor?  Coming.

I would like to make an interesting speculation.

You know how now and then I talk about live action anime adaptions here and elsewhere? About how Hollywood may someday adapt things?  What it means for our careers?

What if we should ask not about American adaptions, but any adaptions?

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Channel A: The Life of a Card Game

(A guest post by Ewen Cluney)

494bb2c8ce284dcb939e61f3f268ce41_largeI hit on the idea for Channel A during the ridiculous rush of inspiration that came from discovering Cards Against Humanity. I’d had tremendous fun playing CAH with my friends, and being that rare creature, a tabletop RPG fan who isn’t much into board games, I desperately wanted to explore this new design space of card games that are more about words and social interactions. I also wanted to make something that was less Cards Against Humanity (“A clandestine butt scratch.”) and more in keeping with my own shiny anime-inspired aesthetic.

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Musings on Cons and Maker

I’ve had an active two weeks. You may not have been able to tell from my posts, which are conveniently pre-queued, but I’ve done two conventions and then some.

One was Maker Faire. Maker Faire is basically “Geek DIY”, where you can hear music played on Tesla Coils, see Adam Savage (no relation that you can prove), buy hand-made soap, and see what happens when people build a dragon out of truck parts (answer: Gwar’s idea of a minivan).  Also there was at least one Naruto.

One was Anime North. Anime North is the insanely huge anime-and-more convention in Toronto I’ve been doing for ages. It looks to have broken 20K attendees this year, covers a wide variety of ground, and has a huge amount of artists, cosplayers, and more.  There were more Narutos, if you’re keeping track.

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