Way With Worlds: Originality’s Smoke And Mirrors

(Way With Worlds runs  at MuseHack, Seventh Sanctum, and Ongoing Worlds) Every worldbuilder, author, artist has had that moment. That moment where originality seems to be a fleeting illusion. Perhaps they feel that they can’t seem to do anything original. Every idea … Continue reading

The Originality/Unoriginality Barrier: Gradual Evolution.

(Not done writing about originality yet.  Regular poster Serdar noted that my ideas addressing originality suggested that highly original people can and should address using their ideas via gradual evolution, and that gradual evolution of media was an ideal. I … Continue reading

The Originality Trap: Why We Fear Unoriginality

Last week I noted that originality didn't always sell for entirely understandable reasons.  This reason was the simple fact that humans socialize via their media choices and interests, and originality did not necessarily play into that.  Sometimes originality produced social … Continue reading

Why Originality – and Unoriginality – May Not Matter To Media Success

(Tamara had a great post last week on the paradox of originality versus people seeking original works.  Spinning off from that, I think I've got a bead on why originality is sometimes rewarded in media – and as well why … Continue reading