Foundational and the Future

With so much rapidly changing technology, its hard to know what websites, programs gizmos, etc. are going to be useful in your career.  Everything's happening so rapidly that few of us can keep up with it.  I often get the impression all technical innovation could cease for five years and people would still be catching up with ways to use current technology.

This is becoming more and more of an issue in the career arena for we pro-geeks because our careers often rely on advanced technology, if not involve outright working on it.  We don't want to miss out on the latest innovation, we want to think for the future and be in on whats next.

The problem is we often only see half the problem.

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News of the Day 5/25/2009

A bit of a slow Monday, but it is Memorial day in the U.S.

How personal branding tops the mere 'having a resume' – A nice introduction, especially for folks relatively new to the job search.


Funimation confirms one piece Japan/US Simulcast – Well an hours delay.  More of the usual anime-simulcast-internet integration we're pretty much used to.

Hollywood agents are feeling the axe – With internet media and self-promotion, are they even as important anymore?

Social Media:

Social Media is now a big thing for Broadway – Fast, cheap, and easy to promote.  This is an intersection of 'old and new' that bears watching for two reasons – as an interesting study of social media, and some interesting job opportunities for the social media-savvy.

– Steven Savage

Keep Circulating the books

I read books on careers, personal branding, the job search, and so on.  It's part of my life, part of my hobby (here), and in general I'm a self improvement nut.

However, let's also be honest, books can get pricey and there are also moments when you buy that business book or advice book and find it's not for you.

My advice is, that unless the book is useless (which in that case, head to the used book store), circulate the books among friends.  Make that $20 or $30 you spent mean something – in some cases, others may get more use out of it than you.  It also means a mediocre book gets a chance to be actually useful once it goes through a few hands.

There are plenty of really good books out there on jobs and careers.  This is a method I strongly recommend in order to help each other out.

– Steven Savage