Steve’s Update 7/20/2015

Sailor Moon Book

I’m taking a break from the interviews – got people visiting and moving, so this week I’m taking off.  We plan to start organizing the book soon, and do another round/call of interviews.

Though we’re writing things up, we’re not writing chapters yet – we’ll be trying the first one in October at this rate.  If my theories are correct, it’ll go pretty smooth after that.  The first chapter will determine if our plans work . . .

The timeline is also going to be a bit of a challenge as there’s so much partial, lost, forgotten, or even misreported Sailor Moon history – like the fact the infamous “Saban Moon” dub wasn’t from Saban.  Or the outsourcing involved in the American dub.

Way With Worlds Book

The WWW Book editing continues – and I’m really busy re-editing the part on species and race (which will spawn one or two new sections), and the part on sex (which needs a little more coherence).

One thing I’m debating is splitting the book in two – there’s really two sections, the worldbuilding and the being a worldbuilder.  As for now I’m keeping it as one, but I may want some feedback – that means a poll (we haven’t had one of those in awhile).

Still projecting next spring, depending how fast my editors and pre-readers get to it.

Upcoming Projects

Got a few surprises, keeping this under wraps, but I may have a new ebook out soon . . .

– Steven Savage

Steve’s Update!

Hello everyone, hope all is well!  Been a bit of a crazy few weeks with a cold and whatnot, but back and it and going!  So where are we?


I hate to leave people hanging, but I’m still sorting out my fall schedule.  A lot of cons plan panels last thing, which means of course *I* find out last thing.  I’m seeing what I’m doing for Kraken-Con and Con-Volution right now.

One of the most interesting additions will be, believe it or not, Yaoicon (unfamiliar with Yaoi in anime/manga fandom, think of it as stories of good looking men who like men, but the stories appeal to women and you get the idea).  I’ll be doing both careers and a cooking panel there since they want to cover future professionals and more Japanese Culture.  I admit it’s unexpected, but should be interesting.  I’m getting a confirmed schedule.


Starting to do some coaching again.  My time is limited, but you can always ping me if you need help!

I plan to try out some new creative coaching/speaking in October!


A few upcoming writing plans outside the books – stay tuned . . .

Sailor Moon Book

Interviews are about at the 50% mark, which means we can start planning some of the book structure next month as we have enough to get the basic pattern.  That may sound great, but we’re looking at an all day jam session, so it’s gonna be a bit trying – but it’s best to knock it out all at once.

The structure as I noted pretty much has changed from what I expected.  At the core we found a lot more common experiences than expected – it’s as if most people’s Sailor Moon experiences and attitudes are about 70% alike with a few exceptions – and the exceptions still touch on “core” experiences.  Then there’s more “peripheral” experiences where we find one group has experience A, or one group has personal attitude B, but it’s not as commonplace.

I’ve learned a lot working on it so far. I can say without reservation I had severely underestimated the impact Sailor Moon has had on people – and this is me.

The interviewees are, as expected, awesome and very helpful.  I’ve also met a lot of great people I hope to keep in touch in – in fact, I may be doing even more cons in 2016, so perhaps I’ll be seeing some in person!

Way With Worlds

Well this is a bit of a poster, so let’s dive in.

When I rewrote Way With Worlds, I eventually intended it to be a book, but as I was rewriting columns from 15 years ago I also added a lot, did different voices, small series, etc.  Now I’ve got to get it back into a book.

What I’m finding is that the quality was – frankly – erratic.  Sometimes its precise (I’m proud of some of my columns on Magic and Technology), other times it kind of meanders, and a few times I somehow avoided the point (like my discussions on Race and culutre).  I think at times it was turning a braindump of 15 years ago into another braindump – and other times it was polishing and precision.

A few of them make me go “Did I publish that unedited?”

So editing is a lot more work than I expected.  Things get cut down, rearranged, rephrased, and in one case I actually am having to reverse a previous conclusion.

The plus side is I think when it’s done it’s going t be a seriously great book on Worldbuilding.  I’ve already got some semi-sequels in mind for smaller books focusing on specific issues.


That’s it for me.  What’s been up with you?


– Steven Savage

Sailor Moon Book Update


The Sailor Moon book, on female fans in North America, proceeds apace.  More and more interviews as always – we’re about 2/3 where I want to be, so I expect we’ll be doing these into October.

Even at this stage, the major themes are very clear, so Bonnie and I need to review the structure in a month or so.  What’s actually surprising is the lack of surprises at times – how certain patterns pop up again and again (no, not spoiling yet, I want to get further on).  There’s some larger phenomena in this fandom that are worthy of exploration – something we hope this book will encourage.

We haven’t done as much historical research lately and probably need to do more – but we’re getting some good information from our interviews, including fan history.  Sites that vanished or reappeared, impacts of shutdowns, and so on.  I hope we can present a pretty good timeline as part of the book.

My latest schedule review still puts us at releasing a little under 12 months from now, so you still have to wait, but we will probably create a great gift for Christmas 2016 . . .


– Steven Savage

Way With Worlds Book Update!

Still editing the Way With Worlds book.  I expect to have the first editing run-through done around the start of August.

At that point, it does need a more structural review – does each section flow well, complete the goals, etc.  I was a bit concerned some things may need extensive reorganization, but so far (about 1/5 to 1/4 the way through) it seems decent.  I just made a lot of stylistic and flow choices based on subject matter not consistent style.  I need to review it as a whole.

After that?  Pre-readers.  Probably in October.  And yes, I’m lining them up.

Right now it’s still looking like it’ll be Spring for the release.

I do think the book presents a lot of value, and I’m really glad to have this “final,” more polished edition coming out for purchase.  I’d like to see more books done on worldbuilding.

That’s a hint, by the way . . .



– Steven Savage

Steve’s Update 6/28/2015

Hope everyone is doing well.  Caught a bit of a cold last week so I’m a tad behind.  Where are we now?



I applied to speak on professional creativity at a PMI event this fall.  Let’s see if I land it – and it will probably spawn a new presentation to do elsewhere, as well as a possible book . .

Sailor Moon Book:

Chugging away on interviews, and we’re starting to see patterns and get an idea of how to structure the book.  Still not expecting to see this until next year, so stay tight.

We’re also doing some historical digging, so if you have any good resources let us know – Sailor Moon history is surprisingly ill-recorded outside the essentials.

Way With Worlds Book:

This one is probably due around March 2016.  It’s actually a pretty regular piece of work since it’s all written – the challenge is the editing and making sure everything from 70 something columns actually coheres.  The size also means it takes a little longer to edit than my last work.

I’m actually pleased with how solid it is.  There’s a lot in there, and I’m going to be adding a bit more . . .

– Steven Savage

Recipe: Cabbage And Peas

A variant of an Indian dish, made even healthier, and with a spice tweak in the form of smoked paprika instead of a pepper. It reminds me a bit of some german and country cabbage dishes, and has a unique taste.  I served it with a potato as a side dish.


Very fast to make as well.

Makes 4 servings.



1 large head of cabbage (about 3 lbs)

1 tsp ground turmeric

1 tsp ground, smoked paprika

1 tsp black pepper

½ tsp salt.

½ cup water

2 cups frozen or thawed green peas


  1. Cut cabbage into quarters and slice out core. Cut into strips about ½ wide.
  2. Place cabbage in pot.
  3. Mix water with spices and pour over cabbage. Check bottom of pot – there should be a thin layer of water. If not, add slightly more.
  4. Cover pot, bring water to boil, then simmer, stirring occasionally.
  5. Make sure there’s always a thin layer of water in the pot.
  6. When cabbage softens, add peas. Stir thoroughly and heat through.
  7. Serve.

Steve’s Update 6/22/2015

Whew, busy time.  I’ve had software launches, dental work, and more the last few weeks.  Doing pretty good, but now I need some time to slow down (I’m hoping the 4th gives me that break).

Sailor Moon Book

Whew!  We’re doing plenty of interviews but my guess is we’ve easily got 8 more weeks of this before we have enough interviews, maybe 12.  We’re finding a lot of fascinating stuff already, but the analysis is going to take some work.

Still looking for more interviews if you’re interested!

Way With Worlds Book

Editing this now. It’s going pretty smoothly, but I need about 2-3 edit runs to make it ready for “real editing.” The book itself promises to be 450 or so pages long, so this is a lot of work, probably easily 3+ months before I get it into enough shape I want someone else to go over it. So I think it’s very likely we won’t see it until 2016.

However, I think the edit of the . . . uh . . . . rewrite . . . is going to make the book much better. I can tone up or streamline language, expand information, make things clearer, and make it flow better. The new chapter structure breaks the columns into logical subsections that really add consistency to the lessons.


I think I figured how to do the Plot Twist Generator.  Now I’ve just got to start it . . .


You’ll notice the Informotron has a new look.  More to come so stay tuned!


Still lining up my engagements out into October. I hope to nail some down in the next week or two, but you know how busy people get.

Worth Checking Out

I just heard about this first person adventure/mystery game Firewatch, which looks like a kind of playable movie with a strong sense of characterization, atmosphere, and plot.

A roundup of places to get sane financial advice.



– Steven Savage

Steve’s Update 6/14/2015

So here’s what’s up lately!

Sailor Moon Book

Working away on that Sailor Moon book.  That’s going to have me busy for awhile as we need about 50 interviews to make it work.  Right now we have six.  Draw your own conclusions there.

Two things that we want to do for the book are 1) Find common patterns and narratives, 2) Understand the timeline of the show and the fandom.  That’s not even going to be clear for a few more interviews – and the history itself is a bit odd.  The property’s prominence in America is an odd thing, and unriddling “just how this worked” requires some detective work – and a few cases of realizing the role of random circumstance.  However, I’m also getting a few bits of fandom history here which is helpful.

Way With Worlds

OK, Way With Worlds is now all uploaded and included into a book format – which means sorting, then editing.  It’s also looking to be enormous – try about 450 pages when done.  That’s 120 pages more than any of my last books.  It’s good it’s already basically done and in need of editing . . .  but that’s a lot of work.  So yeah, I don’t think we’ll see this one until 2016.

It’s going to be interesting to rewrite what is basically a rewrite, but I want to bring more coherence to the various essays, fill in gaps, and basically make it a manual for worldbuilding.  So I guess it’ll be version 3.


Working on my fall/winter schedule still.  More as I find it, but as a hint, I’m looking to do a panel on creativity at a very professional event.  Stay tuned . . .

That’s it for me.  Hope you’re doing well!


– Steven Savage

New Presentation!

Hey everyone, wanted to let you know I have a NEW presentation available! It’s called LinkedIn: Beyond The Basics!  If you’ve wanted to use LinkedIn, but keep finding the same “LinkedIn 101″ advice, this is for you!

There’s also more!  This presentation is customizable to different audiences as you need it!  I can zoom in on specific subjects or interests!

Drop me a line if you’re interested!

– Steven Savage