Steve’s Update 8/30/2015

So a lot’s going on, and here’s what’s up!

First, sadly, I won’t be speaking at Kraken-Con.  They’ve got an incredible slate of people there and limited room, so there wasn’t space – I’d normally be disappointed, but this September is pretty insane.  They do it twice a year and I say go to both if you can because they’re aswesome – this September they actually landed Zach Callison.  Yes, Steven Universe. As a Steven, I recommend you go see him.

All my schedule still up to date.

Plot Twist Generator

Now let’s talk the Plot Twist Generator which is now in early Beta.  OK, I’m not entirely sure what early Alpha and early Beta are in reality since most people have broad ideas, but my take is “it’s now vaguely kind of useful”  I’ve managed to do enough research and get enough feedback that I have a lot of ideas to put in – and once I get there it’ll be close to done.  Now I have to do them.

This one is far, far harder than I expected.  Twists can be general or specific, tropes or unique, simple or complex.  I figured there’d be some archetypes and patterns to mess with, dump a bunch of data on it, and it’d work – but instead there’s a lot more complexity and potential complexity.  So, lesson learned.

I will probably need a break after the next update in a week or so.

Way With Worlds

Almost done with my latest editing sweep.  I’m doing one more in September, then it goes to my pre-readers for awhile.  I can say there’s a lot of good advice, but damn did some of it need a rewrite.  There’s also things I added or expanded on.

The format looks good, and I plan to send out  a sneak peak with my newsletter in the near future.  Don’t forget to sign up – plus beyond the free updates, you get my LinkedIn Guide.

I already have the sequels planned, as mentioned.  Let’s just say they’ll be different, they’ll be fun, and they’ll be helpful in a different way.

Sailor Moon Book

Bonnie and I have a meeting this Labor Day Weekend to deep dive into the work we have and plan the next steps.  We’ve got enough to structure the book, but need/want more interviews.  I’ll consider it officially “back on track” if it goes well.

We’re also going to add extra time to our research post-interview to just read up on the history of Sailor Moon.  There’s a lot we need/want for context and reference, so the idea is we’ll add an extra month to the project and deep dive on the research.  That means that the book is still out late summer/early fall 2016 unless our editing sessions go really well.  Then again, Bonnie is a professional in publication so she might make up for my somewhat limited editing skills.

Other Projects

There’s a new ebook in the works, but that’s staying under wraps for now.  In fact, there’s several.

My Activities For the Civic Geek over at Informotron is going well – and I’m going to release it as a free e-book once the series is done.  That’s months away, but let’s just say it’s not the only past work I’m considering bookifying for free, so stay tuned . .

I just need the time.

– Steven Savage

Steve’s Update 8/24/2015

Hope all of you are doing well!  I’ve been busy as always.

Way With Worlds

This week I finish my current editing sweep – and then the next one begins.  In that one I plan to read the sections backwards – which helps me get a fresh view on the things I was editing when I was tired of it, and catch continuity errors between sections.  We’re definitely on schedule to get it to pre-readers in October.

Sailor Moon Book

Still on track to restart the book on Labor Day.  My co-author is doing much better, so we’ll have a meeting around that time to determine our next steps.

Plot Twist Generator and Other Generators

The plot twist generator didn’t get an update this weekend, but I hope to do one soon.  I think it’s time to just sit down and do a serious push on it to take it to beta.  Fortunately everyone’s given me great feedback.

I also may need to take a small break from it after I get it to beta, and write something fun and simple.


– Steven Savage

Steve’s Update 8/16/2015

Hello gang, and here’s what’s been up!

Sailor Moon Book – We decided we’ll restart work on the book around Labor day – and most of that will be assessing how to categorize interviews so we can finish the next half of them.  We also need to return to studying up on the history of the show – there’s a lot that gets missed, enough that portraying even an essential timeline is a bit difficult.

Way With Worlds – I expect to finish up my big editing round this month.  Then one more round next month before the pre-readers.  Some of the edits are simple – but some are pretty extensive, verging on rewrites – so expect it to be different enough from the original columns and the rewrites. There’s also a sort of sequel type thing in the work, but one that will be quite different . . .

Other Books – I’ve hinted at these, but yes, there’s some other smaller books in the works.  These will come out as helpful ebooks, and I expect to have the first one out in a few months.  Right now I’m keeping them under wraps as this is more experimental.

Plot Twist Generator – The latest version is here.  I’m collecting feedback from people and reading up on plot twists, and it’s finally getting into shape.  Still a good month or so before I think it’s ready.

Other Generators – After the Plot Twist Generator I’m going to do some more fun generators, so stay tuned . . .

– Steven Savage

Steve’s Updates!

Hey gang, here’s the latest updates for you!

  • First of all, you can sign up for my free LinkedIn Guide and Newsletter! You get my new checklist for using LinkedIn and my revamped newsletter with updates, previews and more! It’s the best way to keep in touch and get various extra goodies . . .
  • Over at Seventh Sanctum there’s the Plot Twist generator in very early Alpha.  Drop by and provide feedback.  Please.
  • The Sailor Moon book is on hold through August, as noted.  My co-author is doing well, but I’m thinking she’s gonna get a new car after that accident . . .
  • Way With Worlds is churning away – I’m busy in editing.  And I got another pre-reader from my newsletter!
  • There are more books coming in the next few months, so stay tuned.




– Steven Savage

Steve’s Update 8/2/2015

Hello everyone, just a few quick updates.

  • First of all my Speaking Schedule is updated, and there’s more to come.
  • The Newsletter is back – I’m dropping the RSS feed and going back to personal contact about once a month.  Sign on!
  • I’ve released a VERY crude alpha of the Plot Twist Generator at Seventh Sanctum.  Not crude as in offensive, but in that it seriously needs some work.

– Steven Savage

Steve’s Update 7/30/2015

Bit of a weird, slow, fast, week.  I had a lot going on at work, family visiting, so it’s all been more than a bit nuts.

Sailor Moon Book

This is on hold for a month.  My co-author was in a car accident (involving a car problem and a curb) and got banged up a bit.  She’s fine, but while she cleans up after the accident and recovers, we decided a break is in order for her – and we’re at the stage where we’ve got to team up to analyze the data now that we’re at our midpoint.  So I figure this lets us jump back into it fresh, with no pressure.

So at this rate I still don’t see the book done until next summer.   But then again you never know – I’ve never done a book in partnership on media impacts, so most of my estimates are extrapolations.  Of course who says this is the last book I do like this . . .

Way With Worlds

The book is roughly formatted, and I’ve done some editing – and then just decided to switch over to the old print-and-edit method.  It’s not like it’s not done, it’s just that the book needs to be edited.  So I’ve got piles of papers marked up so I can start entering changes.  A few sections are probably getting extensive rewrites.

I also am debating splitting it into two, but right now just can’t bring myself to do it – it’s roughly a mix of direct advice and worldbuilding approach and philosophy so I could split it but it just doesn’t seem right.

Oh, and I’ve got some lighter sequels/spinoffs/extras in mind, but you won’t see that until it’s out . . .

Plot Twist Generator

The Plot Twist Generator definitely is behind after the busy week and weekend and I plan to return to it.  It’s pretty straightforward actually, almost refreshing – less crazy-making than the Writing Prompt Generator.

The Informotron

I’m merging my work at MuseHack into my press site, The Informotron!  There you’ll get both my published writing, free stuff, and blog entries and speculations.  It’ll probably double up with some of my work at Seventh Sanctum, but will be mostly original stuff – and I plan to package up and make a lot of my past writing more accessible.

You know when I get time . . .

– Steven Savage

Steve’s Update 7/20/2015

Sailor Moon Book

I’m taking a break from the interviews – got people visiting and moving, so this week I’m taking off.  We plan to start organizing the book soon, and do another round/call of interviews.

Though we’re writing things up, we’re not writing chapters yet – we’ll be trying the first one in October at this rate.  If my theories are correct, it’ll go pretty smooth after that.  The first chapter will determine if our plans work . . .

The timeline is also going to be a bit of a challenge as there’s so much partial, lost, forgotten, or even misreported Sailor Moon history – like the fact the infamous “Saban Moon” dub wasn’t from Saban.  Or the outsourcing involved in the American dub.

Way With Worlds Book

The WWW Book editing continues – and I’m really busy re-editing the part on species and race (which will spawn one or two new sections), and the part on sex (which needs a little more coherence).

One thing I’m debating is splitting the book in two – there’s really two sections, the worldbuilding and the being a worldbuilder.  As for now I’m keeping it as one, but I may want some feedback – that means a poll (we haven’t had one of those in awhile).

Still projecting next spring, depending how fast my editors and pre-readers get to it.

Upcoming Projects

Got a few surprises, keeping this under wraps, but I may have a new ebook out soon . . .

– Steven Savage