Julie Tyios Tells Us About Tech Girls Canada!

Tech Girls Canada is an organization that advocates for women in STEM in Canada through various programs, advocacy, and events. I stumbled across it by accident in my CivicGeek work, and promptly discovered an amazing organization with fascinating people. Since … Continue reading

Talking Cell Phones For Soldiers With Robbie Bergquist

  Back when I researched disposing of e-waste, I was fortunate enough to find out about Cell Phones For Soldiers, which of course went right into CivicGeek.com.  Erin McCloskey, who handles communication, introduced me to one of the founders, Robbie … Continue reading

Science Made Clear: An Interview With Jon Perry of Stated Clearly

Science is important.  Unfortunately people are more than glad to back the B.S. truck up and dump all over science for their own agendas to confuse issues.  Schools don’t always teach what they should.  Pop culture distorts science.  Enter the … Continue reading

Civic Geek Catalog Update 1/4/2015

Diverse focus this week, though I still have a lot of literacy-based charities I need to include (there are many out there). And don’t forget you can find causes sorted by Geekery or by Focus! STEM Female Geeks Geek Girl Dinners … Continue reading

An Interview With Liz Gmaz Of Studio Cosplay

We’re familiar with hackerspaces and makerspaces here at Musehack – but a Cosplayspace?  Yep, meet Studio Cosplay, which is opening a community workshop in 2015, located in Washington DC.  An entire space for a community to cosplay, share ideas, and … Continue reading

Why And How To Recycle Electronics – With A Geek Touch

Let’s talk recycling your electronics.Now this is something we rarely think bout since we geeks don’t like to throw stuff away, and sometimes shiny new things distract us.  It’s something I admit I didn’t think about much until my last … Continue reading