Geek Pride: Giant Robots, Inspiration, and You

So there I was, taking a break from being, well, busy, and giant robots helped me get my working mojo back.

I know, you may need to reread that line again.

Essentially I was watching Gurren Lagann, an unusual anime that is hard to describe.  It's a giant robot show, a space show, a drama, parts of a comedy, strangely sincere yet with winking nods and references.  A big part of the show is the power of fighting spirit and people's emotions to drive them on and empower them.  This is an anime that people who don't watch anime won't get.

It was actually quite inspiring, and it struck me that's something we geeks and fans need to keep in mind – we can find inspiration in seemingly mundane things, and that can push us on.

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Sometimes, It’s The Questions

When it comes to our careers it may seem we're always seeking answers.  We want to know where to work.  We want to know what job will fit us.  We want to answer the right questions in the interview.

Of course we want answers.  Answers tell us what we should do on the job.  Answers give us directions to take at school.  Answers comfort us in adversity – or at least let us know how bad the adversity is so we can face it.

Now of course I am all for answers, but I think it's important that we give Questions their due.

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