Changing Tech Culture’s Attitude Towards Women

(This column is posted at  Steve’s Tumblr) Management consultant Erwin Van Der Koogh wrote an essay on tech and how women are treated, “This industry and living life on the lowest difficulty setting,”  Go read the entire thing, but he pretty … Continue reading

Julie Tyios Tells Us About Tech Girls Canada!

Tech Girls Canada is an organization that advocates for women in STEM in Canada through various programs, advocacy, and events. I stumbled across it by accident in my CivicGeek work, and promptly discovered an amazing organization with fascinating people. Since … Continue reading

Civic Geek Catalog Update 11/30/2014

The latest update for the Civic Geek Catalog is here.  We’ve got things for STEM, Video Games, and Writing enthusiasts! The catalog is also sorted by Geekery and by Category!  154 entries and climbing!  I hope to do some resorting and … Continue reading